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Some bacteria on surfaces emit odours. For example, one of the by‐products of urea in urine is ammonia, which has a strong acrid smell. The live, non‐pathogenic bacteria cultures in Odorwise exist in a dormant (inactive) state until they are introduced to any organic matter. The bacteria cultures can consume ammonia or other organic matter as a food source by specific bio‐enzymatic action. The enzymes that the bacteria cultures produce help break the ammonia into a digestible food source. Once this process occurs, the bacteria culture cell splits into two. This creates another bacteria culture and the process continues until the “food source” is consumed. The by‐products of the “digestive process” when the bacteria cells divide are carbon dioxide and water (odourless materials).

Bio‐enzymatic odour counteractant

  • Odours do not enter the airflow.

  • Bio‐degradable

  • Non‐toxic, Non‐pathogenic

  • Non‐polluting

  • 141 Billion Spores per litre

  • Facultative Micro‐organisms; grow with or without the presence of oxygen.

Bacterial Enzyme Production; Amylase/ Protease/Lipase/Esterase/Urease/Celluase/Xylanase


  • Removes urine from mattresses, carpeting, grouting, porous surfaces, and most furniture.

  • Eliminates odour in garbage chutes, bins, drains, carpets, concrete, pet urine and urinals.

  • Excellent follow‐up treatment after a sulfuric acid drain treatment has been used. It will break down the sulfuric fumes and neutralizing them through enzymatic action.




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